Private Mentorships

Monday evenings: 6 - 9 pm

Starts Fall 2020
Location: My Loveland studio

Private mentorships are available by application. An application is sent to interested students. Applications are due September 1, 2019. Every artist wants to paint at the maximum potential. Working with a professional artist to obtain that goal is a valuable way to enhance your skill sets. Each 6 months, I choose four people to take my mentorship program. You will meet with me for three hours in a private class each month and a weekly check in on Tuesday where you include work you have done.

Over the past 6 years, I have mentored over 40 students and watched their work change each week that they send me paintings or sketches. During the mentorship time, I place an emphasis on work habits, conceptualizing pieces, with hands on help through all the steps to gain a body of work. The student identifies an area of study where they want to immerse themselves, and I create a plan to help them get their goals. Some students have wanted just to "increase their batting average" and have more paintings turn out in their studio time. Others, have had a goal to show in a gallery, or to sell, or to create a body of work that "hangs together". No matter what the artist wants, I try to create a program where they can excel. We start by looking at all the work and identifying "weak areas" or places where the artist struggles. It is an honest, and open time for the artist where we explore past messages that might have interfered in their thinking, and try to demystify the process of painting. Then we tailor a program based on their available time. The weekly reviews keep the artist working in a steady manner and provide accountability.

It has been such a wonderful gift to watch an artist get the results they want out of this mentorship, and I have fostered a relationship with a lot of terrific painters over these years, who are selling and showing and winning awards in major shows.

Cost is 250.00 per month with a six month commitment.

NOTE: In considering a mentorship, students should realize there is a commitment in time and continuance. Students who withdraw from the mentorship will not be considered for future participation.

For more information and application, contact:
Molly at 303-875-8332 or